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The services we provide here at Thumbs Up! Home Comfort covers all of your HVAC systems needs with 16 years of professional experience ranging from repairs, troubleshooting/diagnosis, upgrades, installations, maintenance, ductwork, free estimates, and emergency services!

HVAC Installation in Ellis County, Texas

You may be an eligible candidate for a new HVAC system if your current system is dated or has a large component failure. The average lifespan of an AC unit is about 15 to 20 years, if your unit is nearing that age and you experience a failure, the compressor will likely need replacing which can be very costly. In this case, it is more efficient and cost-effective to upgrade to a new unit. At which time, our esteemed team of professionals will do a full assessment of your system and provide you with a free estimate on your new HVAC system!

Heating Installation in Ellis County, TX

Our reliable team of esteemed HVAC technicians will plan out the best plan of execution for your HVAC system upgrade. Working locally in the radius of Mansfield, Midlothian, Waxahachie, May Pearl, and south Arlington Texas allows us to provide prompt and efficient service at an affordable price.

Cooling Installation in Ellis County, TX

Along with a free estimate, our professional team of HVAC technicians are not only punctual but will show the utmost courtesy while working efficiently to upgrade your HVAC system to one of higher efficiency with exceptional results!

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HVAC Repair in Ellis County, Texas

HVAC systems tend to break down due to component failure at the most inconvenient times when temperatures are at their highest or their lowest, requiring professional servicing This is because, at these extreme temperatures, the weak components cannot keep up with the constant use of the system. Our emergency services ensure that your family is not left without cooling in sweltering summers or without heat in frigid winter temperatures.

Heating Repairs in Ellis County, TX

If you find your heating system is failing, we will send a professional HVAC technician out to you as part of our emergency services to quickly troubleshoot and diagnose your system to then efficiently replace failing components and get your system back up and heating.

Cooling Repairs in Ellis County, TX

In the event of system failure during sweltering summer temperatures, our team of esteemed professional technicians will arrive promptly as a part of our emergency services to effectively diagnose and repair and/or replace failing components to methodically get your system back to its peak efficiency cooling capabilities.

HVAC Maintenance in Ellis County, Texas

Your HVAC system should be serviced a minimum of twice a year. Once at the start of summer, and once at the start of winter. This maintenance should be performed to prevent potential system failures, but also to extend the life of your unit and have it operating to its full potential at all times throughout the year regardless of outdoor temperatures.

Heating Maintenance in Ellis County, TX

To ensure that your heating system is functioning at full capacity and to prevent the needs of emergency services due to system failures, your heating system, furnace or boiler should be maintenanced at the start of winter or right before winter arrives. A routine check of the system will be run as well as any necessary duct cleans, coil cleans or heating component replacements.

Cooling Maintenance in Ellis County, TX

As an added measure to avoid cooling system failures in the scorching summer heat, your cooling system should be maintenance just before or right at the onset of summer. A tune-up will be run on the HVAC system that tests all components to early detect potential failures, at which time the component will be replaced. Our well-versed technician will also perform a coil cleaning and any other routine service required for your system to keep it running at the full cooling potential to help you avoid the need for emergency service in the middle of summer.

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